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   Historic Boulder Theatre

BCBC has a permanent home at the Historic Boulder Theatre which is owned by my husband, Desi Arnaz Jr. The theatre is lovely and was built in 1931, the same year construction began on Hoover Dam. In the 30's the theatre was the only air-conditioned building in town and after a day of 118 degree heat, workers from the dam would pay 25 cents for a movie ticket and then grab a few hours of sleep in the cool theatre! In 1998 the Boulder Theatre officially closed as a movie theatre because it couldn't compete with all the new hi-tech cineplexes opening over the hill in Las Vegas. So Desi bought the theatre and is currently renovating it into a live performing arts theatre. He's taken down the movie screen and built a huge stage covered with Harlequin dance flooring. Mirrors were added to the back wall. Portable ballet barres were welded and BCBC uses this wonderful space as their studio. The theatre transforms from studio to St. Petersburg, Russia each December for our annual "Nutcracker Ballet." There's a lot more information about our theatre on the front page of www.MissAmys.com. Just click on "Boulder Theatre."

Historic Boulder Theatre

The photo of our theatre above was taken by Mike Harries last year during Nutcracker.

Since the theatre is on the National Register of Historic Places and is located in the Historic District of Boulder City, we were eligible to apply for a grant from the City of Boulder City's Redevelopment Fund to help us with our renovations. Our City Council unanimously voted "YES!" when we applied for a grant to pay for the installation of smoke alarms & fire sprinklers throughout the entire building... and we thank them! Desi & I love the theatre and are restoring her with patience and love.