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Our 2002-2003 season was wonderful. All of our performances were sold out and our dancers grew in their technique and live of dance. Our printed programs are always quality and reflect the spirit of each performance. The whole audience cried with me at our 2002 Nutcracker when I announced one of our most loved dancing families was moving away. I tried to make the announcement with grace as I presented a stuffed bear to each of the 4 dancers but when I started to cry the audience followed. At right is the eldest sister, Tiffany, dancing with Matt. This lovely cover from the 2002 Nutcracker was a fitting tribute to this exquisite young lady. We desperately miss her and her 3 youngest sisters.

"The Magic Tutu" is the first original ballet that I have ever written. (My next is "BC Kitty Cats" to be debuted in April 2004.) "The Magic Tutu included music written by my childhood friend, Bunny Hull. Her music is inspiring & fun! This show was a big hit and included 140 of our youngest dancers age 3 thru 2nd grade. It a story about a little girl who received a :Magic Tutu" from her Grandmother on her 7th birthday. You can order music and find out more about Bunny's children's music on her website:
Bunny won an Emmy Award for writing the hit song "New Attitude" that was recorded by Patti LaBelle. Bunny and I grew up in Las Vegas and studied ballet together with Christina Carson. We even got our pointe shoes on the same day when we were twelve. The drawing on the program cover (at left) was drawn by one of our darling little dancers -- whose name is also Amy!

"Tickled Pink for 25 Years" was an amazing 3 hour long program that featured all of our dancers in 3rd grade and up. The picture on the cover of the program was drawn by our dancer, Katie. It's a picture of me! The theme of this show was to show how happy I am to have had the honor of teaching dance in Boulder City for 25 years. This show was amazing. It featured fabulous numbers choreographed by my staff (read about them by clicking on instructors)

    Our April 2002 performances of

were lovely. The audiences were delighted with all four performances and our dancers were beautiful.

A special "Thank You" to our ballet mistress, Vickie Werk (aka Miss Vickie) for her lovely choreography and dedicated work. She also performed the role of Dr. Coppelius.

Be sure to visit our Coppelia 2002 photo gallery. Just click here.

BC News May 30,2002

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I apologize for my tardiness in pointing out a wonderful asset we are privileged to enjoy in our little hometown. Since it has been many years since my husband and I had youngsters in Miss Amy's dance classes, it has been a long time since I attended a recital. So, when we received tickets to attend the Coppelia presented April 17 and 18, I slipped into my seat not quite sure what to expect. To my delight, I found many wonderful aspects of this presentation. Youngsters, in terrific costumes which were beautifully designed and sewn, danced with beauty and grace. I found the staging, lighting and sound system to be of extra-ordinary quality. All in all, it was abundantly clear that there were literally thousands of man, woman, and children hours invested into this beautiful production.
Amy and Desi, thanks for your great contributions to our community. You are truly appreciated.


Our tap, swing & hip hop classes danced
four sold out performances of...

in May 2002. Just click here to see the pictures.
Thank you, Andy Cattoir for all the photos.

Dancers stage a wonderful performance

What a wonderful performance "Dancin' Down Broadway" turned out to be. We felt privileged to watch the dancers at the historic Boulder Theatre. Presented by Miss Amy's Boulder City Ballet Company. It was so professional that it was equal to those on any stage in Las Vegas. We especially enjoyed the young men in the company.