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Our 2003-4 season started with
"The Nutcracker" which had 5 sold out performances. Once again there were lots of tears at the end of the show when two of our graduating senior dancers, Brett & Christina, read a poem to me they had written about growing up at the studio. This being their last Nutcracker, made the poem even more tearful. I was bawling on stage and wiping my tears with the hem of my dress and could hear sobs coming from the audience. It was a lovely Nutcracker weekend made even more special by the sentiment expressed by Brett & Christina.

"The BC Kitty Cats" was the second original ballet I wrote (the first being "The Magic Tutu.") It was presented in April 2004 and featured all of our youngest dancers (age 3 thru 2nd grade.) It was a real story about real kitties who live with some of our dancers in Boulder City. Some of the girls pre-recorded dialogue about their kitties at a recording studio in Las Vegas and we played these dialogues throughout the show. The dancers were precious and from the ticket sales we were able to donate $1000 to the Boulder City Animal Shelter. The theme behind the show was "what it means to have and love a kitty." The darling cover was drawn by Rachel, one of our 2nd grade dancers.

"Dance Etc. at 25" was presented in May 2004. It was a spectacular show that featured all of our older dancers and all of our boy dancers. Gregory choreographed a whole Western themed section that had a backdrop of rolling wheatfields. Miss Vickie choreographed a masterpiece to "The Moldau". Missy, Miss Anna, Miss Lesley, Miss Danielle & Brett all contributed great choreography for their classes too. The show closed with a very moving gospel section performed by Gregory's students.

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